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To all ladies in Colorado war who oppose the war. Keep your legs crossed.


What a frigging loony toon.

Local Man Wants Sex Strike On Ballot
Strike Would Protest Iraq War

May 18, 2008

DENVERA graduate student at the University of Colorado-Denver is proposing a statewide ballot initiative that would ask voters to include in the state Constitution a one-day sex strike by women to symbolize opposition to the Iraq War.

According to the Web site, facethestate.com, Page Penk tried to convince the Title Setting Board of the validity of the idea for the November ballot.The initiative asks voters: “Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado: Shall there be a sex strike by the women only, January 1st, 2009, for one day in length, in support of the wife’s and parents of U.S. combat troops receiving pay for support services rendered to the military, through an amendment to the Colorado Constitution?”

After an hour of arguing, Page got approval from the board to begin collecting signatures for the question to appear on the ballot. He will need to collect more than 76,000 signatures.

Penk said the idea is a creative way to make a statement.”This is about respect for the families of our military,” he told the Web site.The idea is not entirely new. In the fifth century Greek comedy “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes, the female residents of a Greek town barricade the public funds building and withold sex from their husbands to end the Peloponnesian War.[…]

Penk spoke to Face The State Wednesday afternoon, proclaiming, “The war is underground. It’s secret. It’s not affecting the middle class. It’s not being covered by the media. I feel like the war is taboo to talk about.”

I do not oppose the war does that mean I get to have twice as much sex? 😛

Does that include BJ’s too? I’ll have to ask Bubba Clinton what he thinks. I’ll get back to you on that. 😆

This won’t go through obviously. But hypothetically speaking what if it did?

The men who would not be getting any would prolly join up and go to war. They would have to get their frustrations out somehow. What better way than to release pent up sexual frustration than to take them out on some jihadi.

What else has Page boy been up to?

Man declared no longer dangerous

A man who set fire to a B-52 bomber in 1998 was released from court supervision Friday after psychiatric testimony that treatment has rendered him no longer dangerous.

Colorado U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch had found Page Penk, then in his mid-30s, not guilty of first-degree arson by reason of insanity in 1999.

Penk poured gasoline on the Korean War-era plane at the former Lowry Air Force Base and ignited it, causing an estimated $300,000 damage.

Penk believed that an evil entity had taken over the U.S. armed forces and was threatening him personally, according to a psychiatrist who examined him.

Whoa dude! Penk was in his mid thirties in 1998! And he is still a grad student in 2008? What a tool!

He of course is not worried about the sex strike. He has his dank basement dwelling and the constant company of Rosie and her four sisters.

Or maybe he is gay. lol Who names a boy Page any ways? That is just retarded.

I propose a day of sex for the Troops. Single ladies when you see a manly Marine grab him drag him back to your boudoir. If you run into a sailor then make his day! Spot a soldier at the bar give him what he needs to raise his moral.

Now that is what I call supporting the troops!

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